Dream it, Plan it, Do it.


Young people are society’s most valuable asset. 


As young people enter secondary school and the transition phase of education, they are also bringing to an end the ‘dream’ phase of jobs and careers. In the ‘dream’ phase children believe they can be and do anything and often multiple things at the same time.


Capturing young people with accessible and age appropriate and tangible information and ideas as they move out of the ‘dream’ phase is potentially game changing.


Limited access to information and knowledge for parents and carers can be a barrier to the career planning process which young people undertake over a number of years. 


Encouraging and supporting parents and carers with accessible information is critical as parents are for the majority of young people the key adviser on further education, training and jobs. 


WCIB is a publisher which specialises in career education materials for 11 to 15 year olds and their parents.


Career education is a well researched area. 

Gatsby Report on Good Career Guidance 

Enhancing School-based Careers Work

Careers advice, information and guidance report - UK Government

Overlooked and left behind - social mobility report - House of Lords  

Unfortunately action which responds to findings remains erratic and static.

What Could I Be? is taking action and we invite you to read our white paper and look at our products.