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Connecting Business with Young People and Parents

Organisations of all sizes have an important role to play in the continued development of our future labour force.


Navigating the many and varied messages about training and work opportunities can be difficult for parents and young people. Parents often have out-of-date and limited information and yet young people rely on them for guidane and support.


We want to support organisations with materials for their employees who are parents.


We want to support young people with materials so they can dream ideas and plan for action.


We want to support parents and carers who are the main supporters and adivsers for their children.


To achieve this we publish a series of printed i-Zines which are delivered free to 11-13 year olds via their schools.


We work with businesses and organisations to become sponsors, advertisers and champions for direct messaging to our audiences.


It takes a village to raise a child and it takes vision and committment to raise a labour force.